Staff Interview Staff Interview

Tomomi Yamashita<br>Kasumi Sasaki<br>Chiharu Sato
Myself today should better than yesterday's myself! Daily efforts, growing day by day!


Tomomi Yamashita
Kasumi Sasaki
Chiharu Sato


Why did you decide to join Seihatsu Spring?
Yamashita:It was attractive that there are many holidays and being able to use paid vacation anytime, as well as receiving a bonus even though I work as a part timer. Since my life is centered around my children, I thought that I could work here while still being active in my children’s lives.

Sasaki:I like assemble parts and also I felt the atmosphere of the company is bright in the interview.

Sato:Since my child is small, my home life sometimes takes priority, but this company is good about working with the schedule of being a parent. . That makes me feel easy to start working here. Also I did not hate monotonous work.
Tell us about your work.
Everyone:We are working to assemble products used for car headlights. We mainly assemble three types in our lines.
Tell us your current goals in work.
Yamashita:I aim to assemble more compared to yesterday’s record. I am trying to improve our daily records by reducing wasteful movement.

Sasaki:Do not make defective products. I care about fast and careful movements and not to make any mistakes. I work with the purpose of seeing how many I’m able to assemble each day.

Sato:I am doing my best to achieve target production numbers and target time every day. Also, efforts to keep the work speed constant for 8 hours is important for me as well. I am constantly thinking about how I can do the best efficient work without being wasteful.
Do you feel you have been growing?
Yamashita:I do. The number that can be produced is higher than when I joined the company, and started thinking “how do I improve efficiency?”

Sasaki:I gradually began to remember my work and do a careful job.

Sato:I feel I’ve been growing. Myself today should better than yesterday's self! Daily efforts, growing day by day!
Although it is manufacturing maker, Is it easy for women to work here?
Yamashita:Every day it starts and ends at the same time, so this work schedule makes it easy to work here. Since my work is same operation, I think that even a woman who has no physical strength would be able to work here without any worries.

Sasaki:It is a comfortable workplace. Because I have a child, I have to take a day off for events, but I feel easy since this company accepts me as a parent. Also, I am thankful because I can take time off when I need to recharge!

Sato:It is easy to work even though I have a child. It is a very mother-friendly environment.
This company is flexible with me as a parent, so I feel motivated work harder because I feel thankful to the company. I have fun working with fun, cheerful friends.
Tell us what you want to accomplish at Seihatsu Spring.
Everyone:We would like to continue being a part of this parts manufacturing that are useful in Japan and the other countries.
I also want to improve my skills by experiencing various tasks.