Staff Interview Staff Interview

Shigeko Toya
I will be a bridge to connect customers and our factories.

Production management

Shigeko Toya


Why did you decide to join Seihatsu Spring?
I heard that management is stable, I joined the company thinking that I am likely to work long.
Tell us about your work.
We receive orders from customers and share the order with production plans to production site.
To be able to correspond to sudden orders, I always try to have good communication with engineers in the factory.
Tell us your current goals in work.
I accept our customer’s inquiries, keeping our production stable. I think it depends on my skills if being able to solve the customer’s troubles or not.
Do you feel you have been growing?
I have faced a lot of experiences in my long career, so that I’m confident about corresponding about troubles.
Although it is manufacturing maker, Is it easy for women to work here?
Yes, we have many women in offices and assembly lines.
Tell us what you want to accomplish at Seihatsu Spring.
I try my best to contribute customers work.