Staff Interview Staff Interview

Kohei Tateishi
Being able to become a fully qualified engineer I want to be like that kind of engineer.

Industrial Technology

Kohei Tateishi


Why did you decide to join Seihatsu Spring?
I was interested with knowing how to manufacture tiny products ever since I was disassembling toys in my childhood. When I was looking for work, I searched manufacturing makers and decided to work in Seihatsu Spring, which manufactures parts used in worldwide.
Tell us about your work.
Knowledge and skills are necessary in each work, such as selection of right tools depending on material type and size, and when we can process exactly fit with drawing dimensions, I feel a very great sense of accomplishment.
Sometimes it fails, but learning from the experience is what I enjoy the most. .
Tell us your current goals in work.
I am trying to be aware of keeping calm under any circumstances, and also working efficiently.
Do you feel you have been growing?
Working with enthusiastic senior engineers, I feel I’m learning because they entrust work to me.
Tell us what you want to accomplish at Seihatsu Spring.
I want to challenge various things without fear of failure and want to acquire advanced processing technology.
I have a dream that the junior I taught as a senior engineer becomes a necessary person for the company in the future.