Staff Interview Staff Interview

Kyoko Yasuzato
Realize “Women leaded workplace” even in manufacturing industries


Kyoko Yasuzato


Why did you decide to join Seihatsu Spring?
Since this company worked with me being a parent, it made me feel easy to work here.
Tell us about your work.
Recruiting, accepting new staff, and finance. I have challenged to negotiate for subsidy from the prefecture this year.
Tell us your current goals in work.
I always keep in mind making friendly environment for new staff.
Do you feel you have been growing?
I have been able to challenge new things. I tried to oversee the subsidy negotiation this year.
Although it is manufacturing maker, Is it easy for women to work here?
Since I have children, I have to take days off for events and everyone seems to be understanding about that
Also, I am conscious of making a mother-friendly environment for employees that are moms.
Tell us what you want to accomplish at Seihatsu Spring.
I would like to prepare and arrange the better working place.