Staff Interview Staff Interview

Yurika Kanei
I want everyone to say “Are you making such amazing things?”


Yurika Kanei


Why did you decide to join Seihatsu Spring?
I have participated in the company introductive event when I was doing job-hunting. Seniors whom I met had a great atmosphere about them and that made me to want to work with them.
Tell us about your work.
Mainly I do make quotations, corresponding to customer’s inquiries, and meeting with customers.
Tell us your current goals in work.
I have my current goals “I can be confident to visit customers by myself” even though the details of meeting are very difficult technical things.
・I need to have enhanced basic knowledge, and trying to imagine the methods of how engineers make a product. After that, I check what the different points between my arranged process and the engineer’s.
・I am trying to be conscious to be a leaded person in meetings even if my boss accompanies with me. I am trying to be more aware of being a leader in meetings, even if my boss accompanies me.
Do you feel you have been growing?
It is maybe I am sales, but the things I have never cared in my school days such as “how I can communicate clearly , (how to talk, how to think,)” I have now realized that talking and thinking are very important skills. I always think how I should report my work and give requests to others.
Although it is manufacturing maker, Is it easy for women to work here?
Yes it is. Manufacturing makers are thought as men society, but we have a lot of women staff. Also president and surroundings are pretty kind, so it is easy for me working here.
Tell us what you want to accomplish at Seihatsu Spring.
I want to be a reliable person who both customers and the company recognize.
Someday I want my customers to think “this sales person knows everything” with aspects of friendliness and credibility.
I am working on things forward with full efforts believing “One art passes to a way.”