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Quality - Manufacturing under a Philosophy of Exhaustive Quality Assurance

Obtained: ISO9001 / ISO14001

ISO9001 ISO14001
Automotive, OA equipment, AV equipment and medical devices around the world depend on our highly respected range of products for their smooth operation. Because we are committed to meeting our customer’s requirements, and to exceeding their expectations, we expend every effort to select the best materials and facilities; including improvement of our facilities, training our personnel to the highest standards and ensuring our measuring test equipment and manufacturing technology are of the finest quality possible.

ISO StandardRegistration Number
ISO 9001JCQA-0671
ISO 14001JCQA-E-0446

In the Process of Obtaining TS16949 certification

We are in the course of obtaining TS16949 certification, a process in which Seihatsu Kyusyu Co. Ltd. is playing a leading part.
We have worked hard to respond to growing demands from a variety of industries.

>> Measurement and Test Facilities

Introducing standard measurement and test facilities to guarantee quality.

Torque/Load measuring instruments. Torque/Load measuring instruments.
Torque/Load measuring instruments.
Testing machine for measuring the torque/load of the processed spring.

Endurance testing machine Non-contact 3D measuring machine 3D measuring machine
Endurance testing machine
to check the durability of the spring.
Non-contact 3D measuring machine
an automatic measuring instrument for non-contact dimensional measurement using image processing.
3D measuring machine
an instrument for measuring large
three-dimensional products.

Technology - Industry-leading skill set: 50% of technicians possess nationally-accredited qualification.

A large number of our employees hold
nationally-accredited qualifications.

We possess highly specialised techniques in a variety of processes, ranging from metal-plasticity working of wires and plates to design and manufacturing of mold and tooling.

We produce highly dependable specialised machine parts used in trusted automotive, OA equipment, AV equipment and medical devices around the world.

Our company has seen a large number of our employees in several sections such as sales, quality control, engineering, and production departments achieve national certification, and we continue to invest in the education and growth of our employees.

>> Technology and Research Are Our Weapons

When developing new products:

sales representative first check the status and function of the product, assessing customers' needs. We then make suggestions, propose alternatives and provide technical assistance in order to reach the highest quality cost-effective product solution.

Our strength is in providing aggressive Value Analysis and Value Engineering proposals; which is why we demand the highest national qualifications from even our sales representatives.

The more intricate or complex products are, the more attention we focus on the process. We invest our state-of-the-art technology into our manufacturing.

When we make prototypes for mass production:

To ensure continuity of features and parts, we use the same machinery and processes for our prototypes as we do for mass production. We believe in unifying prototype evaluation and mass-production assessment so that our customers can take the smoothest possible path to mass production.

>> We are at the cutting edge in manufacturing processing equipment.

Furthermore, we are always looking to modernise and customise our facilities to create unique state-of-the-art processing technology. Our products are used and trusted throughout the world, and we continue to work to ensure that this will always be so.

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